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Lent Fish Fry's return Friday Feb 19, 2021. Limited Carry-Out only menu

check back often for updates

Fish Fry's return with Limited Carry Out Only Menu every Friday during Lent begininng Friday February 19th 2021

Purchase a ticket and be entered in The Quail Clubs Gun of the Month Raffle. Each ticket will be entered in all 12 drawings throughout the year.

The 2021 Gun of Month Raffle prizes are now posted on our Gun Raffle Page

March 2021 Gun of Month

Our Gun of the month raffle prize for March 2021 is a “Browning BAR” MK3 7MM RM MO-BU Camo

To purchase a ticket please call 1 of the following: The Quail Club (618)-476-1024, Porter (618) 978-3248, or Jerry (618) 792-0073
or email at

For more information and to see a full list of guns click here

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