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Quail Club Fish Fry - Friday november, 5

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Meat Shoot Sunday October 24 Noon - ???

Fish Fry first Friday of the month, click the link above to see the entire menu and more details

Gun Of The Month Raffle, winners selected following the Fish Fry. Click the above link to view all the prizes and ticket information

November 2021 Gun of Month

Quail Club’s Gun of the month raffle prize for November 2021 is a Beretta New 686 Silver 1 Combo 20/28G, 28″ VR, CT-5

To purchase a ticket please call 1 of the following: The Quail Club (618)-476-1024, Porter (618) 978-3248, or Jerry (618) 792-0073
or email at

For more information and to see a full list of guns click here

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