Lake Rules

Lake Rules

2 signs are posted on each of the lakes with rules pertaining to the maintenance of each of the respective fish populations.

Lake #1 is designated as the larger lake just below the clubhouse. Catch and release applies there to all bass caught in the lake*. All other species are to be removed regardless of size, however there is a new posting regarding the channel cat stocked spring of 2015.

Lake #2 is the smaller of the lakes and contains the fountain. The posted signs are related to catch and keep fishing. Five 7 inch or larger bluegill and five 14 inch or smaller bass can be removed from the lake per angler. Let’s not forget that there is a very substantial redear population in this lake that have grown to 10 inch plus, go fish them!!!

Please remember that the lakes are for the enjoyment of members and their immediate families. Members can bring a guest along to fish as long as the member is also present.

* Note
    Should any lucky fisherman catch a “Wall Hanger” of a bass in the 4.5 lb class or larger in either lake, please keep it and have it mounted if you like, they don’t live forever.

Please direct any questions or comments regarding Lake Rules to Dave Peterson